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Birds Korea Gallery 2013

Birds Korea, August 18, 2013

The ability to identify birds correctly is essential for understanding and conserving bird species. The art of identification also provides a wonderful intellectual challenge, encouraging birders – whatever our level of experience and expertise – to look at and to listen more carefully to the natural world around us.

We are therefore delighted to share this newly revised Gallery with our members and website visitors. After extensive updating in July and August 2013, the Gallery now contains more than 2,800 images and almost 100 video clips of over 490 species and almost 550 subspecies of bird, all photographed here in the Republic of Korea (ROK).

Please take time to enjoy the many new features of this remarkable collection!

To learn more about the new features of the Gallery, please see the 2013 Introduction.

And to go straight to the Gallery main page – please click here.