This weekend: Birdathon 2013!

Celebrating the Birds

Jason Loghry, Birds Korea

Just one day until Birdathon weekend! If you haven’t signed up, please do so by tomorrow. This weekend is very exciting and very important for all of us, as we are trying very hard to raise funds and awareness for one of our favourite species, the Critically Endangered Spoon-billed Sandpiper – now one of the world’s rarest long-distance migrants…

There is no doubt that this species needs your help. If you can’t make time this weekend to participate in the Birdathon, but would like to help, Team Spoony! (our team), welcomes your pledge. Please send us an email at and include your name, address, and amount you wish to pledge.

For those who have joined us and will participate, very big thank you and best of luck! Looking forward to your results.

To read more about Birdathon 2013, please see here:

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