Gageo Island, May 9: Ryukyu Minivet

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On May 9th I spotted and photographed an odd-looking minivet that looked good for a Ryukyu Minivet. After having the images looked at by several experts with experience of the species in Japan, the bird was confirmed as a male Ryukyu Minivet, which would make it (possibly?) the first properly documented sighting for this species in the ROK. The bird was re-sighted and photographed on May 12th by several other birders.

Ryukyu Minivet Pericrocotus tegimae, © Matt Poll.

2 comments on “Gageo Island, May 9: Ryukyu Minivet

  1. From the information of the bird from you, I and some of my group had the luck to see the bird.
    I appreciate very much.

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