Pale Kentish Plover-types

Jason Loghry, August 30th

Two remarkably pale Kentish Plover-types were digiscoped on Yubu Island, Geum Estuary (first on August 16th, second on 17th, and a third on the 23rd – which is only on video and perhaps the same bird as on the 16th). Of potential interest, the first national record of dealbatusWhite-faced Plover” (an adult male in post-breeding plumage) was seen on Yubu on August 18th (see report here). As ID criteria for dealbatus still appear to be evolving, your comments on these two strikingly pale plovers would be most welcome!

Fig. 1 (Aug 16) The first Kentish Plover that stood out as noticeably pale © Jason Loghry

Fig. 2 (Aug 16) The same bird revealing a somewhat different angle © Jason Loghry

Fig. 3 (Aug 17) A second Kentish Plover also looking interestingly pale © Jason Loghry

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