Chadwick International School prepares for IUCN WCC

by Leo Ja Hyun Koo
Chadwick International School, Song Do

It was a very special and unique day with Dr. Moores. We had a hot discussion about various different kinds of subjects. The love and passion about birds hidden inside our hearts were amazingly expressed through our words and brainstorming of how we could preserve nature. Not only talking about nature itself, but we also touched on other big subjects such as politics, history, government, ethics, economy and humanity. By having the discussion and listening to Dr. Moores story, I strongly felt that our life is all about how we associate with nature and the environment. Nothing is important if nature does not allow us. I thought we had absolutely no right to be destroying what is not supposed to be touched, and was greatly ashamed by our act and our disability to do anything to stop it from happening. My friend has stated that he was afraid we would be the last generation to enjoy the privilege given by the nature like the tidal flats. All our members agreed upon his ideas and we were suddenly so mad at ourselves. It was not a problem of who is to blame for these acts. It was not someone else’s fault at all. What happened or is happening to the animals and ecosystem outside our world in which we are living, was all caused by us. I felt a strong desire to think of ways to stop this, no matter which challenges I might confront. I knew something has to be changed and that someone has to get out to take the job. The discussion inspired me to think of great thoughts, which I would have never thought of without the precious time with Dr. Moores. Overall, the discussion gave our IUCN World Conservation Congress group a big boost which made us put in our full effort into our poster, and into thinking of new ways to conserve nature.

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