East Busan, April 26

Bird News by Jason P. Loghry

April 26, East Busan
This morning, the birds must have been celebrating Audubon’s 226th bright and early. With a persistently dark heavy sky, and on one occasion about a five minute shower, migrating birds were just hot to trot. At the celebration were 3 Phylloscopus Warblers (possibly Pale-legged Leaf Warblers, as their song was recorded), 5 Eastern Crowned Warblers, 2 Japanese Bush Warblers, 1 Asian Stubtail and a Red-flanked Bluetail. Best dressed award goes to the 7 Narcissus Flycatchers, and my vote for hottest bird of my morning goes to a lone female Mugimaki Flycatcher. Great numbers of Pale Thrushes were about, as were 4 Rock Thrushes, and a Dusky Thrush. Also notable was a Pacific Loon in the water, off the coast.

Later in the afternoon, at a park outside my apartment, I got a huge surprise: 2 more Narcissus Flycatchers in Jangyu, Gimhae! Overall, a superb day for birds. Happy birthday Mr. Audubon!

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    • I couldn’t believe my eyes! And Jangyu seems so far from the coastal areas- which is where I thought were the only possible places to see Narcissus Flycatchers on migration? Definitely a blessing ^ ^

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