“Green growth”

Lee pledges eco-friendly development of seawall (April 27th 2010)

“We will make Saemangeum an international example of environmentally friendly development, building facilities to improve the quality of water and natural parks for wild animals and birds. It is no longer a dream.”

“If the four-river project is to revive dying rivers, the Saemangeum project is to construct a comprehensive and planned green city for the first time in South Korea,” Lee said.

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Work on Saemangeum sea port to begin in 2011 (Nov 24th 2010)
“The government next year will begin construction of a sea port in front of a massive plot of reclaim on the southwestern part of the country to promote regional development,” officials said Wednesday.
“The project calls for 2.54 trillion won (US$2.21 billion) to be spent until 2030 to build a man-made island outside the existing 33.9 kilometer-long Saemangeum seawall.”

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