New airport plans halted

“The two proposed sites for the new airport, one on a manmade island southwest of Busan and another near Miryang about 30 miles northwest of the city, would both require expensive alterations to be suitable, according to the airport commission. Some hills near the Miryang site, for instance, would need to be leveled,” it said.

“The existing Busan airport, in the suburb of Gimhae, can’t accommodate the Boeing 747 or Airbus A380, but it has room to lengthen its two runways as well as to expand its terminal buildings, which would allow it to accommodate the larger planes.”

“We seek people’s understanding about the fact that the government couldn’t ignore the economic, technological problems when we were considering this huge national project,” Prime Minister Kim Hwang-sik said.

Although the economic, technological problems are clearly an issue, curiousty leads one to question whether or not the environmental consequences of a project of this scale are also being considered and not been ignored.


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