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Hwaseong, May 23

Bird News from Robin Newlin with Jo Seong Sik and Im Kwan Wang

Remarkable news of a Greater Flamingo being discovered by Mr. Lim Bang-Hyun on May 21st had me and Mr. Jo out and looking on the 23rd. After some initial disappointment at the original sighting point, we found the bird at an extreme distance, then eventually drove to a closer vantage point. The young bird (2nd calendar year?) seemed congruously at home, associating loosely with several Falcated Ducks, a few Ruddy Shelducks, a few more Common Shelducks, various egrets (including 2 Chinese Egrets) and (wonderful to have them in the same frame) 9 Black-faced Spoonbills. The flamingo rested, broomed the shallows for food, stretched legs, neck and wings, and even (apparently) called a few times.bk greater flamingo AP9F2870

bk flamingo AP9F2853

Greater Flamingo Phoenicopterus roseus ©Robin Newlin

In the area we also found several Dollarbirds, 2 Eurasian Kestrels, and 2 Black-winged Stilts. Singing invisibly: Oriental Reed Warblers, Golden Orioles, and Indian and Eurasian Cuckoos.

bk bw stilt AP9F2907

Black-winged Stilt Himantopus himantopus ©Robin Newlin

A return visit (!) that evening with Mr. Im found the flamingo still present. Also, in the distance, a small mixed flock of Dunlin, Far-Eastern Oystercatcher, Grey Plover and Great Knot.

May 5-6, Eocheong

Bird News from Robin Newlin My last one-and-a-half days on the island: Friday May 5. Expected rain did not arrive, but fog began to roll in by mid morning. The morning boat nevertheless came and went, carrying away some birders … read more

Gyeyangsan, April 25

Bird News from Robin Newlin A morning trip to Gyeyangsan in warm, clear weather. Few migrants in evidence: highlights included a Scaly Thrush (holding what looked like nesting material), a couple of Great Spotted Woodpeckers, a Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker, a … read more

Guri, March 25

Bird News from Robin Newlin A morning visit to the duck stream found a marked reduction in waterfowl but, surprisingly, the Baer’s Pochard still present (if favoring a slightly different area) along with some Coots, a pair of Moorhen, a … read more

Guri, March 14

Bird News from Robin Newlin I went back to Wangsukcheon for a morning visit, hoping for another look at the Baer’s Pochard in better light. First to appear were Eurasian Coots, a single Moorhen, Common Pochards, several Gadwalls, a single … read more

Namhansan, March 6

Bird News from Robin Newlin, Subhojit Chakladar and Marco Della Seta We three made an early morning trip to the mountain. Water everywhere: in the air, dripping from trees, gurgling in rivulets, squelching underfoot. The sky brightened as the morning … read more

Gyeyangsan, March 1

Bird News from Robin Newlin A holiday morning expedition to Gyeyangsan, particularly in hopes of the Siberian Accentors last reported by Tim Edelsten in February. Right outside the subway station, a group of Azure-winged Magpies, some clinging to the brick … read more