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Yongjeong Island, September 17

Bird news from Tim Edelsten

Most encouraging of 34 species in an afternoon at Yongyu bay, a gathering of between 1300 -1500 Barn Swallows ranked along the telegraph wires, (with 900+ counted perched and a large number simultaneously in the skies all around). All were gutturalis and there were no martins in amongst, so it seems safe to assume they are Korean breeders. A cloud of them mobbed a confused Japanese Sparrowhawk. Their night roost, as ever, in thick reeds.
On the mudflat, 4 trawling Black-faced Spoonbills and up to 25 Chinese Egret, with their bouncing sidelong gait. On the saltpans and shrimp-pools, 3 Common Redshank and nearby 4 Spotted Redshank made for a nice contrast. Disappointingly a lot of the old trees on the bank have been removed to make way for a new road and warehouses. Actually much of the island is a scene of unending concrete development, and most of the actual shoreline is now a promenade of tents and camping grounds.
From the Yongjeong bridge, a distant flock of c.200+ Great Knot. Unfortunately the extensive mudflats here are undergoing new reclamation projects. Looking at the latest tourist map of the area, it appears that the tidal mudflats of the area have been gradually concreted to make way for a new environmental theme park, country club, “robot land”, environmental office, and golf club.


Reclamation south of Yongjeong bridge


Reclamation of central bridge area


Reclamation wall