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P2F: Obang Elementary

    Obang Elementary School, Gimhae
    Jason Loghry & Min Sung Eun

    As part of my Pledge to Fledge, I asked a few of our students and our Grade 6 English teacher, Mr. Min Sung Eun, to join me for an afternoon of birdwatching. He was so pleased with the experience that we’ve now started rewarding our best classes with a field day of birdwatching. We take our first walk together next week.

    Mr. Min’s message to our students on our school website:

    “After school, we had a peaceful and meaningful time together watching and listening to birds on the mountain back behind our school. Mr. Loghry taught us how to recognize different bird songs. We heard (not seeing all though) 박새, 까치, 직박구리, 딱새, 까마귀, 까치 ‘s singing. And also through Mr. Loghry’s binoculars, we could see some beautiful birds in person. We hope to have that kind of time together in our English class again. If you get a great horse race score, you will have a chance to do that!”

    Obang Elementary School, Grade 6 students

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