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Wild Birds not a vector of HPAI viruses

German Federal Research Institute for Animal Health (FLI) Statement, 2015

VOGELWELT 135: 131-145


“No evidence has been found anywhere in the world..(for ) the “wild bird hypothesis” as explanation for the introduction of highly pathogenic AIV in Europe.

..It is an error to focus the monitoring effect on wild birds, free range and back yard poultry . This should urgently be replaced by effective controls and actions in factory poultry farming.

..Wild birds are threatened by release of perilous viruses from poultry holdings to the environment”.

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Public Statement on Inappropriate Trapping of Shorebirds in Yubu Island Ramsar Site

Mr. Spike Millington, Chief of the Secretariat of the East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership, September 5th 2012. Reproduced with permission. “Yubu Island is Korea’s most important shorebird site and large numbers of shorebirds depend on this area during their migration. It … read more

How to Test Shorebirds for Avian Influenza… Safely

Nial Moores (PhD, Director of Birds Korea), September 5th 2012   Figure 1: A “Shopping bag” of shorebirds: appropriate treatment?  Yubu Island, September 4th, 2012. Image copyright of Lee Jung-Kyu.  On September 4th 2012, two Birds Koreans (Ms. Lee Jung-Kyu … read more