UK magazine article features E Asia’s shorebirds, refers to work of Birds Korea

The August 2012 issue of the highly-respected UK-based magazine Birdwatch features an excellent article written by former BirdLife Communications Officer Ed Parnell on East Asia’s shorebirds. The article – which has been written in advance of the British Birdwatching Fair at Rutland which this year is featuring the East Asian/Australasian Flyway – is well-balanced and informative, and we are extremely grateful to note the prominence given to the terrible impact of the catastrophic and unnecessary Saemangeum ‘reclamation’ on populations of the migratory shorebirds that stage (or staged) along the Yellow Sea. The work of Birds Korea is referred to a number times, and it is an important indication of how much the work our group does is talked about internationally.

The editor of Birdwatch, Dominic Mitchell, has generously made the article available as a downloadable pdf: Our thanks go to him and sub-editor Rebecca Armstrong for getting the article online so quickly.

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