East Busan, April 8-9

Bird News from Jason Loghry and Nial Moores

April 8th (Loghry & Moores)
An early, cool, rainy morning provided for minimal disturbance during the first portion of our walk. The songs of Pale Thrushes echoed through a wet forest. 5 Asian Stubtails were heard, one observed. 8 Grey Buntings, 1 Tristram’s Bunting, and 2 Black-faced Buntings were also observed. A Japanese Bush Warbler was observed and a Korean Bush Warbler could be heard singing along the rocky edge of the forest.

From the cliff-face out to sea, 4 Blue Rock Thrushes were observed each on their respective rock, and a single Pacific Reef Heron in dark plumage, flying low across the sea, passed us with a smile.

A very vibrant morning was supurbly highlighted when a feeding Goshawk startled a Turtle Dove and a Black Wood Pigeon, leading them to flee over head. What a sight!

In the sky feeding were 14 White-rumped Swifts, which we could also hear quite clearly; as were 4 Barn Swallows, making for an excellent morning to observe.

April 9th (Loghry)
Saturday morning was a much different setting, with a clear skies and dry evergreen. Although the Pale Thrushes could still be heard echoing through the forest in the early morning, no Stubtails nor Buntings other than Yellow-throated were observed.

3 Bush Warblers could be heard singing but with the morning growing late, disturbance increased tremendously. 2 Pacific Reef Herons were observed feeding along the coast as were greater numbers of Swifts and Swallows in the sky.

Curiosity led to a return to the site in the evening, just at dusk. To my pleasure, a Grey-back Thrush was found feeding in the leaves along a creek bed, completing yet another wonderful day of birding in the area.

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