Junam Reservoir area, March 6

Bird News from Dominic Le Croissette

A beautiful mild, sunny afternoon spent walking the entire length of all reservoirs in the area, from the south all the way to the  north. The drake Baers Pochard was still present and today gave excellent (and fairly close) views in perfect sunlight. 2 Lesser White-fronted Geese (an adult and a juvenile) were also still present, showing well on rice fields near the main Junam walkway with a small flock of around 20 Greater White-fronts. Other than these two outstanding highlights the area has gone fairly quiet birdwise, with the only other noteworthy records today being a Little Bunting, and excellent views of 2 Naumanns Thrushes among the Dusky Thrushes scattered throughout the area.

2 comments on “Junam Reservoir area, March 6

  1. Dominic
    I will be in Busan for 2 weeks from 11 July and wondered if you had any advice for where might be worth birding (perhaps on weekend of 16/17 July). I will be staying in the middle of the city to might well need an escape plan for the weekend! I realise this is not an ideal time of year/location but I can’t make meeting planners understand the needs of birders!
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Keith

      You’re correct in that things certainly seem rather quiet around here at the moment! Junam Reservoir was very quiet bird-wise at the weekend with the exception of two Pheasant-tailed Jacanas, which are rare birds in Korea. So it might be worth heading to Junam if you would particularly like to see this species – you might be lucky.

      Otherwise, in very general terms you could concentrate on any area of wooded hills for resident breeding species like White-backed, Grey-headed and Japanese Pygmy Woodpeckers, Varied Tit, and with luck perhaps some thrushes or flycatchers in the mix. However, it has to be said that forest birding at this time of year can be frustrating as the vegetation is dense and lush, and the birds not so active or vocal as they were a couple of months ago. Get out early in the morning before the invasion of hikers.

      Another option is to check the Nakdong Estuary in Busan (a telescope is useful here), for early returning passage waders.

      Sorry I can’t be of much more help than that … I tend not to go birding much in the summer months here due to the heat and humidity and relative lack of bird activity compared to other seasons.

      In any case, I wish you the best of luck, let me know if you need any more specific info and I will try to help or find a fellow Birds Korean who can!

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