Seoul Foreign School Group 4 Project: “spoonbills” in Yeoncheon Imjin River Biosphere Reserve

Michael Farrant (Head of the Science Department), Ethan Cho & Seohyun Choi

The Seoul Foreign School (SFS) Science Department is in the process of organising their ‘Group 4 Project (G4P)’, an essential practical component for all International Baccalaureate Diploma Program science students. 

During this years G4P, SFS students have formed small interdisciplinary groups, selected a location of interest, and developed Inquiry Questions to be explored during planned field trips on September 7th. 

We at SFS feel so privileged to be able to include the Yeoncheon Imjin River Biosphere Reserve as one of our locations for this real world experiential learning. The Birds Korea team, and especially Dr. Nial Moores, have been incredibly supportive, especially in facilitating a site visit on June 2nd in anticipation of our September return. 

Michael Farrant (on right) with Birds Korea Yeoncheon Director Baek Seung-Kwang and Lee Su-Young at the “spoonbills” site, Hantan River, Yeoncheon Imjin River Biosphere Reserve, June 2023

During our June 5th ‘Planning Day’ at SFS three groups of students, who had identified Yeoncheon Imjin River Biosphere Reserve as their focal destination of choice, spent the day researching and developing various questions relating to the implications of human development on biodiversity. 

Our time on September 7th will be used to further explore these questions through research, interviews, and fieldwork strategies such as soil and water testing, bird observation, and calculation of biodiversity indices at various locations within the Biosphere Reserve.

The SFS Science department would like to thank Birds Korea once more, and state that we are excited not only for this Group 4 Project, but also about continued collaboration into the future. 

Michael Farrant (Head of the Science Department) with project members Ethan Cho & Seohyun Choi at the Seoul Foreign School

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