Siam Wetland and Hangang Estuary around Yudo islet, September 13, 2021

Dr. Bernhard Seliger and Dr. Choi Hyun-Ah (Birds Korea, Hanns Seidel Foundation Korea)

Still in hot summer temperatures climbing up to 30 degrees, the survey brought us first to the Han Estuary near Yudo islet, and later to Siam wetland. While it was still difficult to do good photos, since harvest did only just begin and cover was rich everywhere for the birds, we still recorded a number of interesting views (often, alas, without documentation) and a pleasant mix of summer visitors and passing migrants. Highlights were two juvenile Grey-faced buzzards on migration, a Water cock and a Ruddy-breasted crake, all three in the Han estuary part of the survey. Waders included Whimbrels, Common sandpipers, Little ringed plovers; the Blackfaced spoonbills were all gone, and generally Yudo islet at this point of time was deserted, with only a handful of Great cormorants still around the waters of Yudo.

In the Siam part of the survey, several views of Chinese pond heron were outstanding, as well as a hunting Hobby. Also, in many places Barn swallows and a few Red-rumped swallows were found assembling for the journey South.

Thanks to Dr. Choi Hyun-Ah, a visit to the not-yet-opened new Aegibong observatory, situated on a hill very close to North Korea, was possible, since we supported an exhibition on the ecology of the Han estuary in the huge, oversized exhibition hall. From end of October, the place will be open to the public.

Yudo islet in Han Estuary – in spring and early summer a large breeding ground for Great Cormorants, Black-faced Spoonbills, herons and egrets, but now deserted; in the background North Korea © Bernhard Seliger
Juvenile Black-crowned Night Heron Nycticorax nycticorax © Bernhard Seliger
Chinese Pond Heron Ardeola bacchus © Bernhard Seliger
Barn swallows Hirondu rustica preparing for migration © Bernhard Seliger
Water deer Hydropotes inermis in the cover of rice fields © Bernhard Seliger

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