Gyeyangsan, October 17

Bird news from Robin Newlin, Marco Della Seta, Tim Edelsten

A short addition to T.E.’s report: for the most part, to post additional pictures.
MdS and I arrived in the morning: the birds were pretty much as described by T.E., who arrived a short time later, with addition of a Grey-headed Woodpecker, a few Yellow-throated Buntings, about a dozen Long-tailed Tits, the season’s first few Bramblings, a fly-over flock of twenty Great Tits (migrants?) and a Varied Tit.

rdc tree n jay AP9F9983

Eurasian Jay

rdc marsh tit AP9F9987

Marsh Tit

rdc marsh tit AP9F9990

Marsh Tit

rdc yellow-throated bunting AP9F0033

Yellow-throated Bunting

rdc yellow-browed warbler AP9F9834

Yellow-browed Warbler

rdc yellow-browed AP9F9624

Yellow-browed Warbler

rdc pallas' leaf AP9F0054

Pallas’ Leaf Warbler

rdc tristram's AP9F9881

Tristram’s Bunting

rdc coal tit AP9F9736

Coal Tit

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