Busan Climate Action Film Festival 2015

Busan Climate Action Film Festival 2015

Busan’s newest film festival returns! Featuring two Korean movies with English subtitles, a new location with a bigger theater, and an updated version of the international hit movie, Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret. This year’s BCA Film Festival has something for everyone.

Busan Veggie Fest: Opening Celebration Event

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The Busan Climate Action Film Fest 2015 opening event is a standing party of appetizers and drinks, proudly supported by Busan Veggie Fest. Tickets(maximum 30 tickets) are available via online reservation only, and include a transfer of w10,000, or contribution on the evening of “a plate” or dish-full of your favorite vegan or vegetarian finger food. We can provide ideas and recipes. Prizes are awarded for best dishes.

Please come and help celebrate these special movies with some great vegan food, smart conversation, and the opening of Busan Veggie Fest/ Busan Climate Action Film Fest 2015!


Film List & Plot Summary

  1. An Omnivorous Family’s Dilemma (English Subtitles)

film 1  Plot Summary

This film stars the director’s own typical Korean city-based family as she confronts issues of life and death while  birthing and bonding with her own infant son and, uniquely, a family of pigs.

Conflict and humor arise when her husband wants to eat meat, but she starts to think and feel differently, accepting her  feelings of a need for change.

  Director: Hwang, Yun

More about the movie



  1. Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret

cowspiracyPlot Summary

In one brief year this single movie has had a huge impact around the world, inspiring established restaurants’ owners to switch suddenly to fully vegan menus, and impressing Leonardo DiCaprio enough to lend his name as producer. Come and see the story of a couple of guys who go after Greenpeace and other major environmental organizations, and find out the stunning truths they learn while seeking answers.

Directors: Kip Andersen, Keegan Kuhn

About the movie


  1. Bicycle, City (English Subtitles)

movie 2

  Plot Summary

Bicycle riders continue to be threatened by drivers and excluded from the physical space of cities  throughout Korea. But the first roads were made for bicycles, not cars, and despite the danger, passionate  cyclists continue to stake a claim to a share of the roads, including in Seoul.

This is a story of the big old city, made new again; it is a story of the familiar made strange. Come see a    story of the home which dominates: delivered to you by bicycle.

                                                                            Director: Kong, Miyeon

Q & A Sessions with Film Directors

BCA is excited to announce that both of Korean movies’ directors will be available for Q&A sessions immediately following screenings. This is a rare opportunity for the audience to chat directly with both directors, travelling from Seoul for the event.


Friday, 6th of November, with Director Hwang, Yun of An Omnivorous Family’s Dilemma











Saturday, 7th of November, with Director Kong, Miyeon of Bicycle, City








Festival & Screening Venue

location 1

Busan Community Media Center

Google Map of Busan Community Media Center

1472, U-dong, Haeundae-gu, Busan



Your ticket will be checked on computer by a ticket crew on the first floor when you first walk in the center.
– Seats will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.
– No food or drink allowed in the theater.

– No cameras are permitted during movie screenings.


Click the link below to join in and sign up for BCAFF 2015:


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