Hwaseong, December 7

Birding News from Robin Newlin and Im Kwang Wan

A relatively quiet morning only in limited parts of Hwaseong: highlights were several Eurasian Coots, Little Grebes, Shovelers, Falcated Ducks, Mallards, Gadwalls and Eurasian Teal, all (except probably the grebes) put up and chased without success by a Northern Goshawk; single Far Eastern and Upland Buzzards, 2 Hen Harriers, several Common Kestrels, a Eurasian Sparrowhawk, a Peregrine Falcon, scattered grazing flocks of Bean and White-fronted Geese, a single Buff-bellied Pipit, one heard Common Reed Bunting and several heard Far-Eastern Skylarks.

Northern Goshawk Accipiter gentilis, © Robin Newlin

Common Kestrel Falco tinnunculus, © Robin Newlin

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