Gageo Island, October 25 – 26

Bird news from Subhojit Chakladar

A quick weekend trip to Gageo over calm seas. List of selected birds observed.

1. Pomarine Skua – At least 4 skuas observed from the boat from Mokpo …. one of them being close enough to be definitely identified as a Pomarine.

2. Long-tailed Shrike – At least 3 birds present in 1-gu.

3. Black Drongo – Seen briefly in flight near the garbage dump. A species that is quite rare in fall.

4. White-backed Woodpecker – A single bird well observed near the garbage dump.

5. Light-vented Bulbul – There are now large flocks of this species consisting of at least 20~30 birds.

6. Common Starling – At least 3 birds seen in flight on multiple occasions.

7. Styan’s Grasshopper Warbler – A single individual poorly seen at the base of the quarry.

8. Chestnut Bunting – 2 individuals observed in the terraced fields on the way to the main village down from the quarry.

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