Wind turbines on Jeju

Wind Turbines are sprouting like mushrooms after rain.

This videoclip from last week shows Woljong-ri,  NE Jeju.

It is well known that these structures form potentially lethal obstacles for birds, particularly in migration corridors.

I wonder if there is any monitoring of these and other turbines to assess their impact- on birds and the environment.


(posted by Tim Edelsten on 15/5/2014)

One comment on “Wind turbines on Jeju

  1. Compared to lots of other things happening in South Korea, wind turbines are unlikely to have much of an impact!

    Some species do seem to be killed disproportionate to their total numbers though: mainly raptors (and vultures elsewhere) and may need to be studied, especially on migration. Migratory species tend to be more impacted than resident species (resident birds seem to habituate to the turbines). Cranes are also thought to be highly susceptible, but the data doesn’t support this yet.

    The majority of other individual deaths recorded tend to be the most common species.

    It would be interesting to know if there is any monitoring, what form it’s taking and any results.

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