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Jejudo, Jeju city to Hado-Ri, May 3rd

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Seliger, Hanns Seidel Foundation / Birds Korea

In dismal weather conditions, bird watching did not work as planned… the first day, there was fast and continuous rain with strong gusts of wind, the second day, rain and thunderstorm became so heavy that no outdoor activity was possible. Hallasan was the whole time invisible, as well from North, South, East and West. I choose to drive along the East Coast from Jeju City to Hado-Ri. In the whole time, I did not see a single sea gull (the first time I remember being at the sea without any gulls…). In the small harbors and bays as well as in Hado-ri, there was still an assortment of diverse ducks, including Northern shovelers, Pintails, Falcated Ducks, Gadwells etc. The largest group were more than 150 Eurasian coots on Hado-Ri lake.

A small number of waders – Whimbrels, Little Ring Plovers, a Common Sandpiper, a Greenshank and Grey Tattlers. Best bird of the trip was a single Chinese egret among some Great and Little egrets. An Asian brown flycatcher ducking from the rain was the only notable passerine. Jeju is famous for wind, stones and women. The first one I had enough this time, next time hopefully there is more of the others…

The (not so) full list of birds can be found here:


Little Ringed Plovers Charadrius dubius (© Bernhard Seliger)

Eurasian Whimbrel Numenius phaeopus (© Bernhard Seliger)

Grey-tailed Tattler Tringa brevipes (© Bernhard Seliger)

Chinese Egret Egretta eulophotes (© Bernhard Seliger)

Asian Brown Flycatcher Muscicapa dauurica (© Bernhard Seliger)