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Various Sites, March 15-22

Nial Moores with Team Thai  A highly enjoyable week of late winter / early spring birding in mostly mild and bright weather, with the six members of “Team Thai” (Kamol Komolphalin, Patcharee Komolphalin, Jindarat Visetruangrote, Penchun Iamchum, Pornkasem Kantamara and … read more

Various Sites, February 24-27

Bird News from Nial Moores with Robert Orenstein (and Bernhard Seliger on the 27th) We enjoyed a very successful (high-speed!) visit to several top sites (Nakdong Estuary and Junam on the 24th; Southeast River, Geum Estuary and Seosan on the … read more

Busan east coast, February 16-17

Bird News from Nial Moores Two interesting afternoons were spent checking inshore waters off eastern Busan, from Cheongsapo to Taejongdae, with several birding highlights including a Brown Booby and more than 500 Rhinoceros Auklet counted. On 16th, overnight rain continued … read more