Farewell Mr Patrick Blake – and thank you!

Birds Korea, March 2015

Would just like to take this opportunity publicly to thank Mr Patrick Blake for his much-appreciated contributions and donations to Birds Korea, and to wish him the best for his travels and future bird conservation work and activities (his next stop: Hawaii).

Mr Blake has done much in Gwangju and in the southwest to help raise awareness of birds and birdwatching. He helped to organise and lead birdwalks, both close to Gwangju and in larger trips down to Haenam; he wrote pieces for Gwangju News; and he took part in big days to help fund raise (see his blog here).  He also made several much-appreciated donations to Birds Korea, including of one million won in late February this year (for lifetime membership and to support our work in the months and years ahead).

So again, on behalf of Birds Korea, thank you very much, and please let us wish you and yours the best of health and birding! May the birds be with you…

2 comments on “Farewell Mr Patrick Blake – and thank you!

  1. Well done Patrick and keep up the good work you guys! Cheers from Finland where an early Spring is in the air (first sky larks and Northern lapwings started to move in from the South)

    • Thanks for the kind words, Dr. Moores. I will certainly miss Korea and my time with Birds Korea. As I work now to restore the health of Kauai’s endangered forest birds, I’ll keep pulling for Birds Korea from out here in the middle of the Pacific! Until we meet again…

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