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  • Great Cormorant

    2014/04/23 11:33:04 amAndreas Kim
    Great CormorantIn the morning at the Mokpo Namhang Urban Wetland. a single Great Cormorant waking up …

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  • Nakdong, April 22

    2014/04/22 10:43:23 pmJason Loghry
    Bird News from Jason Loghry with Park Seonyeong
    This evening, we enjoyed a short peaceful walk near the Nakdong as the sun set. As we were watching a Black Kite low-gliding across the sky, a Common … Read more

  • Gwangju, April 22

    2014/04/22 9:03:25 pmPatrick Blake
    Bird News from Patrick Blake
    My wife and I made a brief visit to the mountains in East Gwangju at the Gakhwa reservoir. At least five Oriental Scops Owls were heard calling just before and … Read more

  • Busan Area, April 19 – 20

    2014/04/22 12:51:18 pmPatrick Blake
    IMG_3744-MBird News from Patrick Blake, Jason Loghry, and Jang Jiung
    I spent an enjoyable weekend birding with Mr. Jason Loghry and Mr. Jang Jiung at several locations in the Busan area. The weather turned against us, … Read more

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