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Seonjae, Daebu & Yongheung Islands, September 24

Bird News from Tim Edelsten with Lee Ye-Da, Lee Eun-Ju & Lee Hyun-Sook

Although birding was secondary, it didn’t take much to notice several Chinese Egret, Whimbrels and a Eurasian Curlew at Sonjae-do: fortunately there also remains fairly extensive mudflat around Yongheung-do.

Mudflat at Yongheung

Reclamation is a lot more apparent around Daebu-do, although these areas form temporary wetland at least until they are later built on. At one such area today, a brief stroll quickly noted a Western Osprey, a loose circling trio of Northern Goshawk and a Hobby patrolling the grasslands: in reeds a Common Kingfisher, Yellow Bittern and pair of Mallard (breeding?).

Former Mudflat, Daebu

Large new wind turbines are now in place on Yongheung and Daebu islands. Solar panels are up on one or two houses.

Wind Turbines, Daebu