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Taejongdae (Busan), April 17

Birds News from Jason Loghry

Having a late start at 1550, the afternoon conditions were on the chilly side, with strong winds reaching 44.4 km/h and a temperature of 12°C (dew point of 9°C). Still, with at least a couple hours of good light, I rushed into the woods to see if the rain from the night before had brought anything new.

The highlight of the afternoon was Grey Bunting, with one seen briefly and a few others heard. The numbers of Yellow-browed Warbler (7) and Eastern Crowned Warbler (8) had increased. Goldcrest, Varied Tit, and several Eastern Great Tit could be found in the pine. Most abundant seemed to be Pale Thrush (59), with some zipping across the tops of the trees giving flight calls. Other thrushes include Grey Thrush (7), White’s Thrush (7), and Grey-backed Thrush (3). Other highlights include Asian Brown Flycatcher (1), Black-faced Bunting (3), Red-flanked Bluetail (6), Winter Wren (1), a female Stejneger’s Stonechat (1), and the ever so exquisite, Japanese Robin (3). The evening ended with two brave looking Little Egret coming in from the sea, struggling in flight against the fierce wind.