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Beautiful Postcards from China

Jason Loghry, October 13 2013

Students of Obang Elementary recently received postcards in the mail from the People’s Republic of China. They were so excited and surprised to find that other students on our flyway also care about birds – especially Spoon-billed Sandpiper!  This exchange is part of a small initiative to encourage students on our flyway to share their thoughts, concern, and love for birds to the world. Thanks to Ms. Vivian Fu, Ms. Jing Li, and all of those who wrote and designed these lovely postcards.

Many bird species of the Yellow Sea are now threatened with extinction because of continuous loss of habitat. These students understand protecting these birds and conserving their habitat is a responsibility we must all consider our own. They also know that not many people know what is being lost – so they want to share this message. At Obang Summer Camp, our students also designed and wrote postcards to be shared.  If all goes well, our postcards will be hand-delivered to Rudong, Jiangsu Province this week.

If you would like a postcard, or your school would like to participate in a postcard exchange, please leave a comment below or contact us. Let’s get the message out:  

We care about the Yellow Sea, we care about birds, we care about the future.


Obang cool kidsLee Yu-Bin, Cho Soo-Hyun, Byun Sun-Wook, and Gong Sung-Won; Grade 6 Obang Elementary School

Obang cool kids_2Lee Su-Bin and Park So-Eun, Grade 6 Obang Elementary School

Obang cool kid_2 Jo Eun-Sae, Grade 5 Obang Elementary School