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International Meeting on Black-faced Spoonbill Conservation

We are pleased to announce a conference next month in Tainan, Taiwan on restoring habitat and promoting ecology. The date is May 3-6. Please see agenda below.

The conference brings together people from National Parks, Scenic Areas, Wildlife Protection Areas, local NGOs, bird scientists, film makers, educators, and activists involved in managing and volunteering public lands critical for endangered, endemic, or migratory birds throughout the East Asian Australasian Flyway.

For fifteen years there has been a focus on protecting habitat for the Black-faced Spoonbill Platalea minor because it it is an endangered bird and a focus for saving wetlands habitats. The spoonbill has continued to require habitat expansion, restoration, and creation, and serves as a charismatic umbrella species for other wading, shore, and wetland birds.

Some of the conference participants have attended previous multi-national workshops to get and share new information. This year the focus is promoting eco-education and tourism, ‘manufacturing’ nature, and working with volunteers. The main sponsor is Taiwan’s Southwest National Scenic Area. The Scenic Area has been the most responsible and daring agency in the whole flyway in expanding and creating habitat. They deserve praise for this. They also seek new ideas for restoration, education, and management.

If you are interested in attending please contact Marcia McNally at mmcnally@centurylink.net.

For more details:
Tainan Conference Agenda