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Regional Crane Conservation Efforts: Mundok and Ambyon

Nial Moores PhD, Personal Comment, December 14th 2012

In contrast to recent loss of crane habitat (in Cheorwon and at Gumi, latter “re-modelled” as part of the Four Rivers construction project) and an increasing dependence on artificial feeding programs in the ROK, some positive conservation news from the DPRK was posted this month on the website of the International Crane Foundation:


One of the wetlands highlighted in Dr. George Archibald’s report is Mundok, an internationally important estuarine reserve highlighted in previous posts in both 2005 and 2009:



For the future of cranes and other waterbirds, as well as of our own species, one can only hope that all of humanity can be inspired both by the beauty and honesty of birds and their migrations and also by the good minds of those working so tirelessly to conserve our shared habitats – wherever they live.