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Incheon, October 3rd

R. Newlin, T. Edelsten:- With favorable winds and warm sunshine, a three-hour watch from Gyeyangsan proved rewarding. The most obvious sign of migration was the almost unbroken stream of 500+ Barn Swallow overhead; we also spotted at least eight Sand Martin, two Red-rumped Swallow and three Asian House Martin. The first raptors barrelling in from the distant (but clearly visible) North Korean mountains were some 11 Japanese Lesser Sparrowhawk, then the start of the days 31 Amur Falcon. The success of the day was sealed when -incredibly- a Black Stork swung into view, circling upwards before accelerating away southward and out of sight.

Other migrants included nine Grey-faced Buzzard (perhaps more, left unidentified), two Northern Hobby (one grabbing a dragonfly); three Eurasian Kestrel (either migrants or possibly the local residents?), a Eurasian Sparrowhawk, a Pied Harrier, two Oriental Honey Buzzard and five Northern Goshawk.



Also in the vicinity were about ten Yellow-browed Warbler and three or four calling Japanese White-eye, as well as the ever-present troupe of Azure-winged Magpies, Long-tailed, Marsh and Varied tits; a Bull-headed Shrike and the local shrieking Jays.