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Gwangju raising funds for Spoonies

Message from Prof. Maria Lisak

Hey! Last weekend I went birding in Busan with Dr. Nial Moores, Mr. Jason Loghry, Mr. Jeon Shi-Jin, Ms. Kim Hyang-Ee and others from Birds Korea. I so appreciate everyone’s patience with my novice status. I know nothing about birds, but they know everything! I’m so grateful for this experience.

Paul Mossine is making some videos of interviews that were taken that day. The interviews are in Korean and will soon have some English subtitles. This will be such a great help with the fundraising events that I hope to organize in Gwangju.

I want to say thanks to Athletic Supporters (http://www.facebook.com/AthleticSupporters?fref=ts) for their willingness to help in the future by doing a fundraiser. They are doing great work already with so many great events! I hope that the rock climbing event on May 11 will help.

In Gwangju I have raised 190,000 won for the media project that Birds Korea is working on. Hopefully, we can raise more funds monthly to help fray the costs of this important project.

We have to save the endangered Spoonies! Raising funds to make a broadcast video about their plight will help!

If you’re interested in helping to raise funds, please contact at Prof. Lisak at gwangjumaria@yahoo.com.