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Dadaepo, January 3

Bird News from Jason Loghry, joined later by young Korean birder, Kim Sae-min (aka Cody).

Cody and I scanning for Relict Gull.

With every intention of seeing a Relict Gull, I made an early morning of Dadaepo once again. To my surprise, 6 large dark eagles could be seen instead. Three Steller’s Sea Eagle (one adult and two immature), and the other three were dark, same-sized, but lacked any visible white on the wings or tail nor could I see the distinct bill. Too far for crackin’ views, regardless, what a sight !

From the shore, I also saw many of the same birds as reported on the first, this time including three Saunders’s Gulls. Additional species included several very impossible-to-photograph Black-necked Grebes, a Little Grebe, some Common Shelducks on the spit, a very lazy looking Slaty-backed Gull, the ever-diligent Eastern Curlews, and some Dunlin in the distance.

A walk in the woods made for some very photogenic Daurian Redstarts, three Red-flanked Bluetails, and a couple dozen Long-tailed Tits. Cody arrived on the scene just in time for a few Olive-backed Pipits, some chatty Coal Tits, and seven Oriental Goldfinches on a wire. We headed for the beach to scan for Relict once again. A large number of gulls were at roost but none were what we had set out for. Still, we were rather excited, a Eurasian Kestrel playfully perched on the nearby grassy beach.

We followed the shore away from Dadaepo to see if the eagles were still there. They must of flown. No matter, from there, the sun setting on the Nakdong was a gorgeous scene. Just as the sun said goodbye, we were surprised by our final bird of the evening, a Winter Wren, hopping along the rocks near the shore. Thanks to Cody (Kim Sae-min) for joining me. I’m looking forward to our next adventure !

Daurian Redstart Phoenicurus auroreus. Photo © Jason Loghry.

Eastern Great Tit Parus minor. Photo © Jason Loghry.

Eurasian Kestrel Falco tinnunculus. Photo © Jason Loghry.