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Going Cuckoo: A Call For Information!

Posted by Jason Loghry, June 7

A fascinating article with sound-recordings of all four of Korea’s cuculus cuckoo species, images of last week’s mystery cuckoo on Baekryeong, and an extra image of an “orange-headed cuckoo” (photographed by Dr. Choi Soon-Kyu in Taean-Gun in May 2011) – with a call for comments!

As the post-author, Dr. Nial Moores, explains:

“As a group, cuculus cuckoos provide one of the oddest identification challenges. In one way, they are among the easiest of species to identify. They tend to be highly vocal and the males have unique and easily-recognisable “songs”. The females, at least female Common and Lesser Cuckoos, also have distinctive vocalisations. In another way, however, these cuckoos are among the most challenging species to identify…”

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And help solve the mystery!