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“Save The Spoon-billed Sandpiper!”: Chadwick School

Nial Moores PhD, Birds Korea, March 25th

As Part Two of Birds Korea’s support for the Spoon-billed Sandpiper animation project led by the wonderful Ms. Vivian Fu at HKBWS (see here for Part One: https://www.birdskoreablog.org/?p=7604), I had the chance on March 21st once again to visit Chadwick School in Song Do,  Incheon. Thanks to teachers and students alike (organised primarily by main focal points science teachers Mr. Aaron Miller and Ms. Lynn Crew: thank you!), I was able to give three different presentations on Spoon-billed Sandpiper conservation to about 180 students in total, aged mostly between 7 and 15.

Several classes took part in the colouring (including at least one creative kindergarten class), and some of the day was also caught on video.  In addition to the inspiration gained from meeting so many enthusiastic teachers and students (asking many great questions and proposing some equally excellent ideas), one highlight was the ear-shattering chorus of the main group of colour-artists.  Their shout of “SAVE THE SPOON-BILLED SANDPIPER” in English and Korean seemed to shake the whole building! We can only hope that the purity and strength of so many young voices will also reach the ears of decision-makers and reclamation proponents who sadly now hold the fate of this charismatic and Critically Endangered species very much in their hands…