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Hwapo Cheon English Eco-camp

by Jason Loghry

On June 16th, I was invited to join a group of 70 elementary school students for a one day eco-camp at the beautiful Hwapo Wetland in Halim-myeon, Gimhae. We were joined by a group of seven eco-guides, and six other native English teachers. We teamed together in groups of ten, and learned more about the flora and fauna at Hwapo. It was a lot of fun and a few of us were able to share our expertise with the students and other teachers. We talked about the wildlife at Hwapo Cheon, its history, and the important role that wetlands play in our ecosystem. It was a lot fun and a great opportunity to watch birds and also learn about their habitat with these young learners.

Thanks to Birds Korea: With the gallery and other sources provided on the website, I was able to create some very useful educational material to share with these students and teachers.