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Posted by Jason Loghry, June 17th

New today:

1. An English-language trip report by Mr. Philippe Malenfert to Heuksan Island (April 26th-May 9th) added to the Trip Reports page.

This particular report has some great observations (including Himalayan Swiftlet and the nation’s thirdSpotted Dove) and also a stunning image of a Verditer Flycatcher:

2. Some additional text and an extra image of an “orange-headed cuckoo” (photographed by Dr. Choi Soon-Kyu in Taean-Gun in May 2011) added to the ID article “Going Cuckoo!”:

3. Some stunning images (taken by Dr. Rainer Ertel) added to “Various West Coast Locations” in  the Latest Bird News / Latest Bird Sightings pages, including in-flight images of Yellow and Von Schrenck’s Bitterns and close-ups of South Polar Skua and Parasitic Jaeger:

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