Greetings from a Birds Korean

Today a friend asked me, “Why do you think conservation is important?” I said it seemed like not too many people around me really think about conservation or the environment, but I felt it to be a simple responsibility loaded with brilliant discovery. We are members of this tremendous biological community that is shared with millions of other species, and at some point I realized I had this responsibility as a participant in this community and I wanted to be active. I’ve always wanted to understand the effects and impacts of human development including my own, and wondered if there was some way I could make it better, so that we can live harmoniously with the wildlife around us. Working with Birds Korea in the ROK gives me the inspiration and direction to do so. I hope you too find inspiration and join us on this great adventure. Welcome to the Birds Korea Blog!  My name is Jason Loghry, and I am a Birds Korean.

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  1. You left the first foot-print onto this Birds Korea blog. Awesome! Very grateful that we can make it happen this uneasy challenge for learning and spreading the truthful conservation messages to further. No matter who we work with or what languages we use to make more (?) environmently harmonic planet, let’s keep it up together. Hoping our echo breeds eco…real eco. PARK Meena, another Birds Korean and one of Birds Korea co-founders.

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