Pledge to Fledge: See Birds. Share Birds. Save Birds.

Last year, Birds Korea joined in the first global birdwatch as part of the Pledge-to-Fledge (P2F) initiative, taking school students birdwatching in Mokpo at the Namhang Urban Wetland. This year, we would like to encourage even more of our members to take part.

For more on Pledge-to-Fledge:

“On April 25th to April 29th, 2013, birders across six continents will inspire a broader public appreciation for birds by bringing friends and other non-birders out to truly see and enjoy birds for the first time.  These birders will share their efforts with the world through photos, videos, and stories on the Pledge to Fledge (P2F) website and social media channels. 

Be a part of P2F 2013 and make your “Pledge to Fledge” a new birder TODAY!

See Birds. Share Birds. Save Birds.

P2F is an international grassroots campaign to introduce friends and acquaintances to the vibrant pursuit and observation of wild bird species.  It is a terrific opportunity to share your love for birding with others, and to help people discover the allure of birds while connecting with the natural world around them.

P2F is designed to help birders effectively recruit their non-birding friends, nurture them toward becoming a casual birder, and then, ideally, into a citizen concerned about bird conservation and the environment.  YOU have the capacity to enhance the lives of birds and people alike – simply by sharing your enthusiasm for birds!

Join the international grassroots birding movement and make your personal “Pledge to Fledge” online today!”

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  1. Mujidori nature school in Gosung and Busan International Foreign School invited Doyeon Seunim from Cheolwon, Gangwondo to Gijang, Busan. Both school students learned about birds that visit Korea, why Nd how they move one place to another. We also learned our manners and respect for nature especially when we go birding. Students found out what species of birds were around their school. Then, we all made a bird house together.

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