Seoul, January 27

Bird News from Subhojit Chakladar

The day started at the Ilsan Lake Park with a visiting birder from Hong Kong, in search of waxwings. However, close to 1.5hrs of search failed to locate any waxwings (even in the right kind of habitat). The only consolation were a pair of unusually bold Chinese Nuthatch and a brilliant male Long-tailed Rosefinch. Apart from that there were the usual wintering species.

Later in the day, we moved to Paldang in search of the rarities that have been spotted this winter. Birds of note here were 3 Steller’s Sea Eagle, 4 White-tailed Sea Eagle, at least 1 Water Pipit (thanks to Tim Edelsten for help with the ID), 5 Eurasian Bullfinch, 3 Hawfinch, 3 Long-tailed Rosefinch, 6 Long-billed Plover and the usual waterfowl in the Han River. At total of 53 species were found that day.

Chinese Nuthatch, Sitta villosa, Photo © Subhojit Chakladar


Long-tailed Rosefinch, Uragus sibiricus, Photo © Subhojit Chakladar


Water Pipit, Anthus spinoletta, Photo © Subhojit Chakladar


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