Taejongdae, Busan, October 28

Bird News from Jason Loghry

After a long, rainy, bird-less Saturday, I woke up early and headed to the park for some Sunday fun day. Eastern Great Tit were in good numbers, and there was a noticeable presence of Goldcrest moving through the pines. There were a few Varied Tit, Japanese White-eye, Pale Thrush, a couple of White-backed Woodpeckers, a Grey-headed Woodpecker, and a lone Hawfinch bravely feeding on the busy footpath. As the morning grew, more people started to pour in. I looked up at the sky and saw raptors soaring, so I headed to a nearby mountainside for a better view.

This was a great decision. At a resting spot on the south-eastern face of the mountain opposite the sea, from about 12:40 to 14:40, I counted 13 Eastern Buzzards, 2 Goshawks, 2 Northern Hobby, 6 Black Kite, and a steady flow of more than 160 Eurasian Sparrowhawks. All seemed to follow the same route, steadily hugging the coastline in a westerly direction. Even with all this excitement, the highlight of the afternoon made this visit superb: a gorgeous Black Stork moving in the same direction.

Black Stork Ciconia nigra Phone image © Jason Loghry

Hawfinch Coccothraustes coccothraustes. Image © Jason Loghry

White-backed Woodpecker Dendrocopos leucotos. Image © Jason Loghry

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