Taejongdae, Busan, May 7

    Bird News from Dominic Le Croissette

Last night’s drizzle and mist failed to produce much in the way of migrants at Taejongdae today, however the visit was made more than worthwhile by a surprise encounter with Taejongdae’s best bird of the spring – Japanese Night Heron. This bird frequented the upper (concreted) part of the gully, and was first encountered standing in full view on the gully bank, before it flushed and disappeared into the forest. On my return visit to the gully a couple of hours later, I saved it from certain death at the claws of a stalking cat when I flushed it again in the top part of the gully. It flew up and perched in a tree, giving excellent views before once again flying into the forest. Other than this first-class rarity, there was little of note in the area, with much reduced numbers of Pale Thrush and only single Asian Brown Flycatcher, Eastern Crowned Warbler and Tristram’s Bunting of note.

2 comments on “Taejongdae, Busan, May 7

  1. Hi Dominic and other birders in Pusan,
    I’m going to Pusan for a conference on Saturday (May 14) and intend to go birding at least the whole of Wednesday next week (May 18). Maybe the Japanese Night Heron is still there!? Unfortunately, I’ve found it difficult to find information on where to go! So if anybody sees this, please e-mail me advice on localities that could be suitable for a days birding in mid May! It would of course also be very nice if somebody would want to join! I’m staying at the Novotel Ambassador (1405-16 Joong-dong, Haeundae-Gu) and can be reached at e-mail mikael.kall@chalmers.se.
    Best wishes,
    Mikael Kall, AviFauna tours, Sweden

    • Hi Mikael! Not sure if the Japanese Night Heron is still around. Regardless, could be an excellent time to be here! ^ ^ Look for my email shortly!

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