New podcast with Birds Korea Director Dr Nial Moores

Talking Naturally has just posted a podcast of a conversation with Dr Nial Moores, Director of Birds Korea talking shortly before the Republic of Korea hosts another important conservation conference – this time the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s World Conservation Congress – or WCC – which will be held on the island of Jeju. The conference takes place against a backdrop of a number of ongoing environmentally-destructive projects in the RoK and the release of an IUCN report which clearly links tidal flat destruction with declines in migratory shorebirds along the East Asian/Australasian Flyway. What can be achieved at the WCC, what can Birds Korea and other Korean NGOs do to help protect biodiversity in this part of the world, and why are so many major conferences held in the RoK anyway?

The podcast can be played straight off the website or downloaded from Talking Naturally: TN95 Nial Moores of Birds Korea on the IUCN/WCC

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