Scaly-sided Merganser on Birding Beijing

Scaly-sided Merganser is one of my favourite species – and also one of Birds Korea’s conservation priorities (see blog post on winter survey). I was a bit disturbed therefore when visiting the awesome Birding Beijing blog recently to read Terry Townshend’s account of a restaurant owner claiming to take Scaly-sided Merganser eggs (link to blog)!

This species already faces a number of threats (see BirdLife Factsheet). Is “harvesting” of eggs in China or elsewhere within its breeding range an additional danger to this beautiful and globally Endangered species? And if so, how can conservationists and birders help to lessen this threat?

2 comments on “Scaly-sided Merganser on Birding Beijing

  1. Update: I have it on good authority that the eggs are almost certainly NOT Scaly-sided Merganser. Good news. But it’s still worrying that a restaurant owner thinks it’s prestigious to serve them…! A local education programme is needed.

    • Thanks Terry. Yes, heard from Dr. Solovyeva and the experts at WWT who have provided SSM egg photos as well. Waiting for a reply from others and will try to post an update soon. Thanks again!

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