Goeje, May 19

Birds News by Jason Loghry with Lee Ki Soo and colleagues, later joined by Matt Poll

Was a nice visit to Goeje in search of Black Paradise Flycatcher and Fairy Pitta. On the way, good views of an Oriental Dollarbird perched on a wire. We also passed a male Ring-necked Pheasant sitting paused atop a garden ledge. After watching the pheasant, we found a very vocal group of Bull-headed Shrikes. A closer look revealed a stunning Tiger Shrike which seemed to be having a dispute with the other shrikes. This went on for a short time. A short time later, we managed to find two male Black Paradise Flycatchers, both male. They were also very vocal. We sat in the grass on the roadside and watched them as they zipped back and forth from patch to patch of wooded forest. Throughout the morning, we could hear Pale Thrushes and a Grey-headed Woodpecker singing. There were also many Varied Tits and we saw one Grey-streaked Flycatcher. Unfortunately, no Pitta to be observed. It might have been too early, leaving the search for another time soon to come.

And as a note, a pair of Black Paradise Flycatchers were observed on the next morning at Taejongdae by Matt Poll.

Tiger Shrike Lanius tigrinus. Image © Jason Loghry

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