East Busan, April 17 & April 22

Birds News from Jason P. Loghry

April 22, East Busan with Mr. J Guy Laughlin
Waking before dawn for a nice walk with my colleague and getting drenched completely is exactly how I like to start off my Earth Day. Especially when greeted by 4 gorgeous Narcissus Flycatchers, seperately dancing across a gully. Pale Thrushes were about, but fewer than last weekend. Did happen to observe a White’s Thrush from a distance, but the rain and foggy bins didn’t allow for the greatest views- nonetheless it was still easy to be in awe. A single Grey-backed Thrush was about in the earliest part of the morning, as were three Eastern Crowned Warblers, a Japanese Bush Warbler, and a male and female Blue and White Flycatcher. Also, not too far offshore, a lone Ancient Murrelet was observed.

April 17, with Dominic Le Croissette and Mr. Lee Eunjae; and later with Ms. Park Seonyeong
Notably, a male Grey Thrush, was observed on a very windy, clear skied April 17th morning by Dominic Le Croissette, Mr. Lee Eunjae, and I. With such a vibrant species in not-so-grey color, it had us all asking why “Grey” Thrush? On the same day, but rather in the evening just before dusk, a second walk with Ms. Park Seonyeong resulted in an off-the-hook sighting for the both of us. It was that of a dazzling male Japanese Robin. Stunning views made for another remarkable evening in East Busan.

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