Igidae, Busan, April 10

Birds News from Nial Moores

A total of 53 species logged in four hours under overcast skies with occasional rain showers. Despite the hordes of hikers and plant-pickers, some excellent species found. On land these included two Japanese Robin (both giving song phrases, with one well seen), one adult male “Japanese” Grey Thrush, one female Brown-headed, 2 Grey-backed and 11 White’s Thrushes, and single Korean Bush and Pallas’s Leaf Warblers. Out to sea, no shearwater, but at least seven Arctic and four Pacific Loons (several in partial breeding plumage), and a group of c. 10 Black-necked Grebe, whilst overhead interest was provided by c. 10 Pacific Swift, 5-10 Barn Swallow, and a group of c. 5 Asian House Martin. All in all, a pretty good half-day’s birding for the mainland!

2 comments on “Igidae, Busan, April 10

  1. Hoping to see House Martins myself. Doing a wonderful job, Jason. Hope to help with the conservation efforts soon!

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