Geoje-do, April 9

Bird News from Matt Poll

A walk through the fields near my apartment yielded some interesting birds this morning. Aside from the steadily decreasing numbers of Spot-billed Ducks, notable were several dozen Buff-bellied Pipits noisily foraging in the rice fields. Most exciting was a loose group of about 50 Chinese Penduline Tits moving lazily through the reeds. I’ve never seen Pendulines in these fields, so they must be moving through.
On the weekend I witnessed a dozen Grey Herons performing deft aerial maneuvers better suited to Rollers or Swallows! It was quite uncharacteristic and impressive to watch – I’m guessing it was part of a courtship display.

Gohyeon fields. Photo © Matt Poll.

Chinese Penduline Tit Remiz consobrinus. Photo © Matt Poll.

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