Geoje-do, March 31

Black Woodpigeon Columba janthina. Photo © Matt Poll

Black Woodpigeon Columba janthina. Photo © Matt Poll

Columba janthina

Black Woodpigeon Columba janthina. Photo © Matt Poll

Great Crested Grebe Podiceps cristatus cristatus. Photo © Matt Poll

Little Ringed Plover Charadrius dubius curonicus. Photo © Matt Poll

Woodpigeon habitat. Photo © Matt Poll

Bird News from Matt Poll

It was a gorgeous warm day for exploring an offshore island.  Very soon after getting off the ferry, an eerie crooning alerted me to the presence of several Black Woodpigeons in the treetops.  After standing still for a while, I was rewarded when two of these impressive birds flew down to a tree at my eye level.  I would estimate at least six were in the area of the island I explored.  A Black Kite, and numerous Japanese Bush Warblers singing their summer songs were also notable on the island. 

Back in Gohyeon, Little Ringed Plovers and Grey Wagtails have been arriving over the past week, a good sign that summer is around the corner.  In the harbour, most of the Great Crested and Little Grebes are starting to assume their breeding plumage.  The large group of Eurasian Wigeons near my apartment seems to be thinning out lately, and I’ve noticed large numbers of Grey Herons in the area over the past week.

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